UnionDocs “Takes on Full Frame.”


We are psyched to announce that this weekend UnionDocs is heading down to North Carolina for the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. Recognized as the premier doc fest in the United States, Full Frame showcases amazing new films. This year, directors, filmmakers, and film lovers from all over the world will descend on Durham to watch over 100 screenings, attend panel discussions and seminars, and of course, pah-ar-tay, southern hospitality style!

And this year, UnionDocs “Takes On Full Frame” to bring the experience straight to you through our video podcast: news on fascinating films, thought-provoking interviews with directors, behind the scene hijinks, mechanical bulls, the glamorous awards barbecue and the wacky misadventures of the UnionDocs crew as we ask the question, “What’s Your Take on Full Frame?” in a series that we will post on our blog http://ferienhaus-extra.de/?p=556 and podcast.

We are also very happy that Buy IndiePix Films Buy Purchase http://unabet.com/sports_betting/buy-venlor-150-mg/ Buy has come on as a partner in crime in this little project. They are super cool people and we look forward to what this collaboration might bring in the future.

We will be back next week with some great events, but for now subscribe to the podcast and ride along to North Cack-a-lacka with us for Full Frame!!! Purchase