UnionDocs is co-presenting Hour of the Furnaces with DocTruck & Red Channels

Sunday April 4th – 12PM – 6PM
16 Beaver Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY


On Easter Sunday we will present a daylong, open-ended, collaborative and community screening of Octavio Getino and Fernando Solanas’ Order The Hour of the Furnaces.

Matt Peterson and Rachael Rakes are collaborating on a zine/reader to be distributed for free on the occasion of the screening.

More details to be announced.

The Hour of the Furnaces: Notes and Testimonies on Neocolonialism, Violence and Liberation Order Pills – Octavio Getino & Fernando E. Solanas, 1968, 230 minutes
TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 230 minutes | Digital Projection

Tentative Schedule:
12:00 arrivals and introductions

Neocolonialism and Violence Order aciclovir tablets next day delivery – 85 minutes

Act for Liberation – 111 minutes

Violence and Liberation – 34 minutes

Co-presented by DocTruck and Cheap Libertad Gills


(The film is available on DVD (2007) directly from Pino Solanas in Argentina (www.pinosolanas.com). This is the second screening we have presented in partnership with DocTruck, following November 21st’s “Jackie Raynal: Realisation.” This is the second program we have organized with the 16 Beaver Group, following October 7th’s “Godard in USA.”)

One thought on “UnionDocs is co-presenting Hour of the Furnaces with DocTruck & Red Channels

  1. sami

    hey… this is awesome. one of my favorite docs of all-time.

    what does digital projection mean though? are you just playing from the DVD or is it higher quality?

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