Very kind words on the UDC from Mandy Rose


Mandy Rose (above left) wrote a nice recap of her evening last week at UnionDocs with many inserted videos to give you a taste of the work of the other panelists. Here’s just a sample of her reactions to the lively discussion:

In the face of what Global Lives is doing it felt rather like missing the point when someone in the Q & A asked whether it was ethical for people to be producing content without being paid. Don’t get me wrong –  documentary is fraught with ethical questions, and, whether in conventional documentary or in participatory work, transparency about the terms is vital when media professionals engage with the public. (Though in the case of Global Lives many of the film-makers are professionals anyway, though doing this project for personal rather than financial reasons.) I don’t think there’s one answer on the payment front, but whether payment is available or not needs to be made clear right at the start so that people can make an informed decision.

You can check out the thoughtfully written post here, and then take some take with all the other resouces and writings her site has to offer.

We  were also very flattered by the paragraph below, where Mandy describes her observations on the UnionDoc’s Collaborative Program.

Before the evening panel I did a presentation for the  Purchase UnionDocs Collaborative – a unique Masters-equivalent programme for early career media producers, theorists, and curators – now in its fourth year. As UnionDocs describe this independent educational initiative; ”It is both a rigorous platform for exploring contemporary approaches to the documentary arts and a process for developing an innovative group project.” Last year’s group made work inspired by Roland Barthes ground-breaking collection of essays,”Mythologies”. This year they’re focussing on the Williamsburg neighbourhood where UnionDocs is located, and have just completed a fast turnaround remake of an archive documentary about the area. I sat in on a seminar and was interested to see the programme in action. They were knocking around issues of authenticity and performance in the director’s position in first-person documentary, having watched Sherman’s March. My memories of my media studies MA are hazy, but I don’t think there was the kind of open, inquiring, critical discussion that I saw here, grounded inKara Oehler ‘s extensive experience as a media practitioner. If you’re interested in documentary and looking for a Masters programme in the US, I’d recommend you check it out.

— From Mandy Rose’s post : Pills

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