Video Telephone

Overall Project Description: Pills


We’ve all played the game telephone, where you whisper a phrase in someone’s ear, and pass on the phrase that you hear, eventually the mishearing and imagination can create some lovely mistakes.  What if we designed a project for our collaborative that was a “documentary” version of the game telephone. For example, we would start with a phrase. Perhaps, a myth statement? (I have an idea for one, but I won’t say it.) The first person would go out to produce a short piece of documentary media. It would be screened only to one person, who would write down the myth that they observed. Then the third person, not knowing the original statement, would have to create a new short documentary based on the new myth statement. Several iterations later, we screen the documentaries and the intervening myths in order.

Relationship to General Topic of Mythology: This project will engage the topic of mythology in contemporary society through a process oriented approach that will generate documentary representations of a myth as well as text myth statements.

Description of Component for Purchase Theatrical Presentation: This piece asks producers to create short 2 min. documentaries that will be interspersed with text. The final length of the piece will depend on the number of participants. I think this could be incorporated, though, the collaborative approach is different.

Description of Component for Print Publication: Video stills and interstitial text “myth statements.”

Description of Component for Online:

Not eaxactly sure. Perhaps, a video still with a project description.

Project Team: Order

As many as interested can participate. People can sign up for “producer” or “writer” roles.

I will create a schedule for all writers/producers.

Schedule: Cheap Purchase

Depends on the number of participants. Each producer will have 1 week to produce a 1-2 min. video/radio response to the myth statement. Screenings will happen every Sunday with the producer and the next writer. The writer will have to email their myth statement to the next producer. This will be repeated until deadline.

Technology Requirements: Any type of video camera

Audio recording device

Editing tool