Want to create and play with robots? The next TFI Hackathon: Tribeca Hacks Hardware is a workshop on how to design interactive systems.

TFI next Hackathon: Tribeca Hacks Hardware! It’s a workshop aimed to teach storytellers how to design interactive systems using Arduino and Processing, culminating in a working piece of interactive new media art.Dates: Two weekends: February 8th & 9th and February 15th & 16th.



Registration Deadline Pills : January 2 online Order 0, 2014

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Venue: Made in New York Media Center by IFP

This Hackathon assumes ABSOLUTELY NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE in programming or electronics as these skills will be taught from the beginning. Participants will learn the basics of programming, beginning electronics, sensing, kinetics, interaction design and systems and communications within the context of artistic practice.

The course will focus on practical design and engineering which will lead to the ability to quickly and efficiently take ideas into reality. Processing allows the storytellers to create dynamic media with which to extend their artistic praxis while the Arduino platform allows the storytellers to connect physical reality into the digital world.

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