Welcomes and Thanks

UnionDocs is very happy to have selected three new residents who will be participating in the Collaborative this year. Katia Maguire, Michael Hyatt, and Robbie Wilkins were perfect for the program in so many ways. Everyone is very excited to see them moving in and making themselves at home. With events starting this weekend and the first creative meetings for the collaborative happening soon after, there will be plenty of opportunities to apply the unique talents and energy they each will bring to the space. Interviews for non-resident participants are currently underway and results will be announced soon…. all very good news.

Also, I also wanted to take this chance to publicly thank Chris Huth, Lila Dobbs, and Emma Raynes for their contributions to the space, through their programming, their commitment to discussion and debate, and their general support of UnionDocs’ mission through this time of change and growth. All three put together some great events, made significant efforts to improve the building and found new ways to engage the many communities that UnionDocs serves… Lila’s special recipe for popcorn being only the most delicious example. Hopefully, they emerge from this experience having had some good times and made some great friends and collaborators. All will hopefully be staying involved in different ways, but I know their regular presence will be missed. The future holds great things for these folks, however, and I’m anticipating some exciting projects and updates from them soon. Good luck guys! Order order robaxin 750 mg Order online Order Pills Cheap

2 thoughts on “Welcomes and Thanks

  1. Amber

    Awesome, Robbie, Katya, and Michael, get ready for a documentary adventure! Lila, Chris, Emma and (don’t forget) Maddy will be missed, but hopefully they can continue with their awesome and appreciated contributions to UnionDocs. Especially in the form of ultra-yummy popcorn!!!

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