Whatever: the myth of a natural language

The myth of “whatever”– and of slang in general– is that it  is simply clomid no prescription mexico http://www.zombiecommand.com/zombies/ethionamide-cheap/ in our language, as if it always was there. It has been severed from the often mysterious origins of its mututation… It is, like the Basque chalet Barthes draws into his essay nimotop costo Purchase Myth Today, “… like a magical object springing up in my present life without any trace of the history which has caused it.”

And, even when we do attend to where such words evolved from, we often come up with sources that are erroneous and socially determined. What is behind the assumption that Valley Girls are responsible for the ubiquitousness of “whatever?” What resentment lies beneath it of the rich and seemingly stupid, of the air-headed consumers, empty occupiers of wealth? Again, myth retains its power by appearing organic: obviously, “whatever,” came from a Valley Girl, and can be dismissed as such… As Barthes writes, “… casality is artificial, false; but it creeps, so to speak, through the back door of Nature. This is why myth is experienced as innocent speech: not because its intentions are hidden– it they were hidden, they could not be efficacious– but because they are naturalized.” Order Purchase Cheap

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