The Worldwide Community of Documentary Professionals, The D-Word, seeking support for their March 2014 crowdfunding campaign.


The D-Word – the worldwide community of documentary professionals is seeking support for their current 15 For 15 crowdfunding campaign to upgrade The D-Word.

The D-Word as we know it today began back in 1999 as a labor of love. It was born from my conviction that documentary filmmakers – being among the smartest, most interesting and generous of humans – would make for a particularly vibrant online community.

Almost 15 years later, The D-Word is still a labor of love, run entirely by volunteer hosts, with no advertising and no membership fees. We’ve never really sought to promote it, either. And yet, while so many other virtual communities have come and gone over the years, The D-Word continues to thrive. To the point where, through word of mouth alone, we now have over 10,600 members from 127 countries.

We’d love to take credit for this, but the real credit is yours. If nothing else, The D-Word’s longevity has proven us right about the extraordinarily generous bond that exists among documentary professionals.

Case in point, our current 15 For 15 Cheap  crowdfunding campaign to upgrade The D-Word. In less than a week you’ve already made over 100 donations totaling more than $7,000 – or just about half of the $15,000 grand total we’re seeking! On behalf of my fellow hosts, we can’t thank you enough for this overwhelming show of support.

Our gratitude and thanks, as well, to so many of you who have been promoting the campaign through social media. We’re getting a surprising number of contributions from folks who aren’t even D-Word members, so your efforts are certainly paying off.

All of this, along with a growing list of glowing testimonials Order  from longtime members, is a powerful affirmation that The D-Word is working well. But we know it can be even better. And with your continued support,  Pills Pills it soon will be.

We’re posting weekly video testimonials as well, and here’s our latest featuring renowned D-Worder Paul Pauwels. As director of the European Documentary Network, no one better exemplifies the international scope of our membership. In keeping with our format, D-Word host Marj Safinia will magically appear afterwards to talk about one of our great new upgrade features. We want you to know exactly what your money is going towards.

Week 1 of our “15 For 15” campaign was stunning and humbling and validating, all at the same time. But we still have over 50% to go to reach our goal and we can’t rest on our laurels. If you meant to donate and just haven’t gotten around to it yet, feel free to get off your butt and  Purchase give what you can here.

Finally, to D-Worders everywhere, my deepest thanks! For almost 15 years now, it’s been a profound honor and pleasure to serve you.

Doug Block
Founder and Co-host, The D-Word

Purchase “One of the keys to The D-Word’s success is the generosity of the large number of veteran filmmakers and influential industry professionals who freely share their knowledge, experience and insight. I have never seen such commitment from an online community, but of course The D-Word is much much more.” – Heidi Fleischer, Paris, France

“When I first heard of The D-Word, I thought, ‘Why be part of that?’  Now, years later, it has become part of my thought-process.”– Thomas Lennon, New York, NY

“Through D-Word over the years I’ve found collaborators, technical expertise, inspiration, support, intellectual stimulation, commiseration and friendship. Real friendship, too.” – Margot Roth, Dalian, China