2018 CoLAB films, “Sandwiched” and “Narmin’s Birthday” premiere at The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival!

UnionDocs congratulates Sandwiched by Omar Al-Fotihi and Narim’s Birthday by Lydia Cornett and Jenny Groza on their acceptance into the 9th Annual Art of Brooklyn Film Festival! Al-Fotihi, Cornett and Groza were members of the 2018 UnionDocs Collaborative Studio. Both films will screen in the WORLDS CONVERGING: Short Docs Block, on Thursday June, 6th at 7PM.  We’ll see you there!

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NARMIN’S BIRTHDAY is the story of 15-year-old Narmin and her 84-year-old grandmother Ismat, who share a bedroom in their family’s tiny Sheepshead Bay apartment. Though their nights are spent no more than four feet away from each other on parallel beds, the cultural identities they’ve each chosen are worlds apart. As Narmin plans her very American sweet sixteen birthday party, Ismat observes a world that is unfamiliar to her and wonders if someday Narmin will appreciate her heritage.

SANDWICHED is a short documentary film about Abdulmotaleb, who lives in two realities at the same time: on the surface, he’s the friendly neighborhood bodega guy, but he’s also a refugee from Yemen’s civil war whose wife and children are still stuck back home.