Barthes’ Hair is well-groomed

duphalac buy online Purchase Greetings from Oakland, California!  I’ve been on the road and sleeping on couches for almost two weeks now.  And as I’ve moved gradually westward, I’ve been thinking about the particularly American myths of the roadtrip and the West.  But now, for myths and hair…

On page 117 of Purchase norvasc without a prescription Mythologies, Barthes writes:

“As meaning, the signifier already postulates a reading, I grasp it through my eyes, it has a sensory reality (unlike the linguistic signifier, which is purely mental), there is a richness in it…  The meaning is online online already complete, it postulates a kind of knowledge, a past, a memory, a comparative order of facts, ideas, decisions.
“When it becomes form, the meaning leaves its contingency behind; it empties itself, it becomes impoverished, history evaporates, only the the letter remains.”

So much of this project for me is about examining the significance that we imbue in hair.  On the one hand, hair is just protein fiber, dead matter that hangs off our heads.  But what happens, then, when we see it as alive?  Hair is strength, as in Samson of the Nazarites.  It is sexuality, as it is with the figure of the blonde bombshell.  It is cut in mourning.  It is dyed and trimmed and teased, then grown out again.

Hyatt sees this connection:

“…the central myth in The Lady of Camellias is not love, it is recognition. Marguerite loves in order to achieve recognition, and this is why her passion has its source entirely in other people.”

Like Marguerite the subjects featured in Hair are affected by the lure of recognition from other people. Christine changes her blonde hair, dissatisfied with men who view her as a ditzy sexual object and women who see her as a threat.

Yoko Ono trims her long hair because John Lennon loved her long hair.

Hena covers her hair, hoping that people recognize that muslim women aren’t passive, but independent and very much in control of their destinies.

Though our subjects mention personal reasons for changing the look of their hair, just like Marguerite, the source of their passion is still very connected to the recognition they receive from others.? purchase diakofukboy