BDC’s Women’s Film Series: Shorts Night Oct. 4th-14th

Join Bronx Documentary Center for an evening of incredible short films in the 3rd Annual Women’s Film Series which runs from Oct. 4-14th, 2017.


Post-screening Q&A with director Emily Pederson .

In 2014, the disappearance of 43 college students sparked a historic social movement in Mexico. Faced with government obstruction of an international investigation into their disappearance, their families enter a new chapter of uncertainty but refuse to stop seeking justice and closure.

About the director:
Emily Pederson is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker. Raised in Rhode Island and based in New York, she has spent most of the last four years in Mexico, covering social moveme nts and the impact of the Drug War on Mexican society. Her documentary work has been published in The New York Times, The Atlantic, La Jornada, The Huffington Post and El Faro. She holds a degree in Photography and Human Rights from New York University. online Pills

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