Beyza Boyacioglu curates Fiction-Non series this weekend at Maysles Cinema


Fiction-Non — A documentary series exploring ‘hybrid films’ that cross the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction traditions. This series presents three ‘hybrid films,’ “The Imposter”, “The Arbor”, and online  “Dreams of a Life”. Begins Thursday, January 10th to Saturday January 12th at Maysles Cinema in Harlem. Curated by Cheap Beyza Boyacioglu.

“The Imposter”, by Bart Layton, is an original film experience that walks the razor’s edge between true-crime documentary and stylish noir mystery. The twisting, turning tale begins with an unsettling disappearance – that of Nicholas Barclay, a 13 year-old Texas boy who vanishes without a trace. Three years later, the boy is returned, but things become far stranger once he returns to Texas. Though the family accepts him, suspicion surrounds the person who claims to be Nicholas.

“The Arbor”, online  by Clio Barnard, tells the powerful true story of Bradford playwright Andrea Dunbar (“The Arbor,” “Rita, Sue and Bob Too”) and her daughter Lorraine. Through interviews with other members of the Dunbar family, we see a contrasting view of Andrea, in particular from Lorraine’s younger sister Lisa, who idolizes Andrea to this day.

“Dreams of a Life”, by Carol Morley, is an imaginative, powerful, multilayered quest, and is not only a portrait of Joyce, a woman who died in her bedsit above a shopping mall in 2003, but a portrait of London in the eighties-the City, music, and race. It is a film about urban lives, contemporary life, and how, like Joyce, we are all different things to different people. It is about how little we may ever know each other, but nevertheless, how much we can love. Followed by a Skype Q&A with the director Carol Morley and producer Cairo Cannon.


Tickets can be purchased here.

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