Deadline: Tuesday, December 11, 2018, noon (EST)

THE FLAHERTY is currently seeking proposals by a programmer or co-programmers to curate the 2019 Flaherty NYC fall program.

Flaherty NYC is one of the cornerstone projects of The Flaherty, home of the annual Robert Flaherty Film Seminar. We are eager to engage the New York public with thoughtful and provocative cinema, rich with discussion and discourse.

Flaherty NYC is a seasonal screening series which presents innovative and groundbreaking films, followed by a 45-minute, in-depth discussion with the makers on aesthetics, the production process, and the challenges of the work. Programmers are asked to create a theme for the series along with a carefully crafted post-screening discussions between the filmmakers, audience members and moderator. Each discussion will build upon the last, as we explore the theme over the course of the season.

Venue: New York City (Programmer/s must attend screenings to introduce films and filmmakers)

Number of Screenings: 6 screenings, one every other Monday, October – December, 2019

(Max. 90 min. film program, followed by 45-minutes of discussion)   Proposals should be no more than one page and include the following:

  1. Theme for the series along with series title
  2. Identify possible film titles for each of the six nights, these should include a mix of New York area based, regional, and international filmmakers
  3. Include thoughts on post-screening discussants for each night
  4. Indicate outreach strategies and organizations to partner with to help build new audiences for each of the six nights

Along with the one page proposal you MUST also include a CV for the programmer/s. Please include where you will be based during the series, if you are outside of the New York area include how you plan on attending, there is no travel budget for programmers.

Previous Flaherty NYC series.

Current Flaherty NYC series: AFTERMATH.

The Flaherty will compensate the filmmakers. Programmer/s will receive an honorarium.

Deadline for submission: Tues., December 11, 2018, noon (EST) Email proposals with programer CVs to: [email protected].