Call for Video Fellow: Five Borough Farm purchase avanafil Pills Pills Order


The Design Trust seeks a Video Fellow to produce between three to six high-quality, web-based videos (each three minutes or less) that will serve as advocacy and education tools for our Five Borough Farm project. The goal of the video series is to empower individuals and communities to become more informed and effective advocates for change; to demonstrate the value of a community-based evaluation effort; and to guide farmers and gardeners through the process of using metrics in their operations. online

The Video Fellow will work closely with the Design Trust staff and the Five Borough Farm project team to determine the exact content for each video. Each video is likely to include:

– a key opportunity or challenge that urban agriculture presents to policymakers;

– interviews with key stakeholders and footage from farms and gardens to make these issues more transparent and engaging;

– suggestions for how these tools can effect change at the individual, community, or city-wide level.

It is the Video Fellow’s responsibility to procure all necessary equipment to produce these videos. Design Trust staff will assist the Fellow in scheduling visits to farms and garden throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

These videos will be prominently featured on the forthcoming Five Borough Farm website, the Design Trust website, and could potentially be shown at various urban agriculture events throughout New York City.

For more information and application instructions: