Attention Media Makers from Diverse Backgrounds – MacArthur Foundation is investing in Nonfiction!

MacArthur’s Journalism and Media Program works to strengthen American democracy by informing, engaging, and activating Americans through deep investments in independent journalism and media. As a result, MacArthur has just announced that it will give $5.7 million in grants to seven organizations in order to support nonfiction media makers from diverse backgrounds! As Kathy Im, Director of Journalism and Media at MacArthur stated, “together, these seven organizations deepen the pool of people who tell the nation’s stories through documentary, including new media storytelling platforms, formats, and technologies.” Thanks to their support, many more people will have the ability to communicate their narratives to the world.

The following organizations will receive grants:

Bay Area Video Coalition – $900,000 to support the National MediaMaker Fellowship Program, a ten-month program designed for diverse filmmakers who are working on social issues and journalistic documentary projects and in need of support and professional development opportunities purchase naprosyn vs naproxen Center for Asian American Media – $600,000 to support the CAAM Future Fund to provide development, production, and outreach grants for projects produced by Asian American directors and producers, and work with an Asian American filmmaker network to provide mentoring and professional development opportunities for emerging filmmakers

Latino Public Broadcasting – $450,000 to launch a Current Issues Content Fund, which will provide project support for Latino filmmakers producing impactful media about current events as they unfold

National Black Programming Consortium Buy  – $750,000 to support WOKE! Broadening Access to Black Public Media, which will support nonfiction projects on new media platforms and strengthen the consortium’s network of media makers, technologists, and social justice organizations Southern Documentary Fund – $900,000 to expand its documentary programs and launch a new fund to support projects made exclusively by filmmakers who currently work and live in the American South, with direct connection to the stories they tell

Sundance Institute  – $1.25 million in support for the Institute’s Documentary Fund, which provides grants to short and feature-length film projects; its consultation and mentorship program; and its New Frontier Program and Native Program supporting Native American filmmakers

Working Films – $900,000 to support Docs In Action, a new initiative funding and distributing short films that explore issues of social and environmental justice in communities across the United States. Working Films will also provide early impact campaign planning for social issue documentary filmmakers with a special focus on serving filmmakers of color and other underrepresented artists.

These seven organizations are joining eight other nonfiction multimedia storytelling institutions already supported by MacArthur, including Firelight Media, American Documentary, Pills ITVS, Kartemquin, Tribeca, AIR, Chicken & Egg, and the recently launched IDA Enterprise Documentary Fund. Please look into all of these amazing organizations and apply to any fellowships, workshops, training programs, and professional development programs that are relevant to you.

In such a crucial period, we are grateful for the MacArthur Foundation for supporting a wider variety of narratives in nonfiction storytelling! As Laura Pabst, Program Officer of  Journalism and Media at MacArthur, states, “this is one expression of MacArthur’s enduring commitment to Journalism and Media at a time when the stories Americans record, report, and tell about ourselves and one another will help determine the course of our nation’s future.”