CoLAB alum team of ‘Acting Erratically’ included in Impugning Impunity Film Festival!

Congratulations to Daniel Goodman, Tuff Guts, and Hazel Katz for their inclusion in the 2018 Impugning Impunity Film Festival for their film Acting Erratically, which was produced through the 2017 UnionDocs Collaborative Studio Program.

Acting Erratically is a term typically used by law enforcement to describe someone who is neurodivergent or in the midst of a mental health crisis.. This short film explores the connections between freedom of movement and state sanctioned violence in the lives of NYC-based women and gender-non-conforming people of color. We use found footage as metaphorical architecture to illustrate the history and connections between different practices and experiences of state violence for neurodivergent women of color. A narrative of resistance will be explored through acting and movement, re-appropriating the term Acting Erratically as a powerful and performative response to systemic oppression and police violence.

Now in its seventh year, ALBA’s human rights documentary film festival, Impugning Impunity, returns to New York for its 2018 season. Opening Friday, September 21, at the historic Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV) and running until Sunday, September 23, the festival highlights the unique ability of documentary filmmaking to engage and challenge perspectives while bringing in new and young voices and broadening the public’s interest in issues related to social justice, political awareness, and activism.

The film will play on Saturday September 22 at 8 pm and will be screened with three other films. To get tickets, follow this link.