CoLab project “The Williamsburg Houses” to be screened at Film Festivals

THE WILLIAMSBURG HOUSES produced by UnionDocs collaborative fellows Irene Bartolomé Valenzuela and Tessa Rex will be featured in two film festivals this Fall. Set over one bright morning, in the stylistically shot THE WILLIAMSBURG HOUSES gaze into the architecture and lives of the occupants of one of the most ambitious public housing projects ever built in the United States.
In THE WILLIAMSBURG HOUSES viewers explore in a timeless composition how the concept of a house intersects with architecture. Through the voices of its occupants dive into the depths of the politics and history of a structure. Exploring the remains of an initially utopian design in a contemporary context, we become immersed in the life of a building and a community.

The festivals:

Ciudades Reveladas – 3a Muestra Internacional de Cine y Ciudad (Buenos Aires, Arentina) on September 30th Cheap at 7pm

This festival aims at generating an audiovisual exhibition space that articulates multiple looks and representations around the urban space. Focusing on its architecture, its cultural expressions, the struggles of its social movements and the disputes and conflicts that its territorial configuration produces, can enable new questions and contributions to think about its transformation.

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AFFR Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2017 (Rotterdam Neatherlands) on October 6th Order Pills at 6pm

AFFR explores the relationship between film, cities and architecture by programming and screening architecture films and by organizing introductions and debates.

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