Comstock Blogs on his UnionDocs Visit

We are happy to have hosted another strong discussion at UnionDocs following our preview screening of Tony Comstock’s erotic lesbian doc: Brett and Melanie.  Comstock came in with his wife for the screening, and was joined in discussion by Lisa Vandever (Cinekink) and Diana Cage (Velvet Park), as well as the evening’s curator Colin Weatherby.  Comstock praises UnionDocs for its openness in screening one of his movies, which seems unfortunately like a somewhat rare occurrence.
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Last Saturday night Peggy and I enjoyed a rare treat. We got to see one of our films play in a theater, in front of people who paid for their seats, and find out of BRETT AND MELANIE had what it takes to meld a group of strangers into that most magical of all entertainment entities – an audience!

Well I am pleased to report that BRETT AND MELANIE was up to the task!

From the opening stanza the audience laughed, chuckled, guffawed, snickered, sighed, chortled, and murmured at all the right places for all the right reasons. During the unfamiliar experience of sitting through an extended, explicit sex scene, the audience stayed right there with the film. No restless shifting in the seats; no nervous giggles. And when the scene (and Brett and Melanie) reached its climax,  a warm sense of pleasurable resolution washed over the room. Then the credits rolled, the audience applauded. It was lovely.

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