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Jun 6, 2015 at 8:30 pm


A preview of new works for Living Los Sures by the UnionDocs Collaborative Studio

Living Los Sures is a collaborative documentary about the Southside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

To celebrate the creation of the new documentary projects made this year as part of the UnionDocs Collaborative Production Living Los Sures, a special public preview will be held in Sternberg (aka Lindsay) Park on Saturday June 6th starting at 8:00pm. Activities start at 6pm – come early to hang out and grab a seat before 8!

This event is part of A Brooklyn Barrio: Living Los Sures, a day of art, story, and local experience.

3pm – Get Legit: A pop-up school of local experience.

6pm – Park Hangout: Food, music, dominoes, and more.

8pm – Outdoor Screening: New short films about Los Sures.

10pm – After party: Live music, backyard drinks, and DJs.

A Brooklyn Barrio: Living Los Sures was produced as part of Van Alen Institute’s June 4 – 13 program series HANGOUTS!


The UnionDocs Collaborative Studio is a fellowship program for nonfiction media research and group production. It seeks to bring together individual talents, voices, and stories to create multidimensional documentaries. For the past 10 months, fellows have been immersed in research, idea generation, planning, recording, edits, critique, and re-edits. Teams were formed around a set of select proposals, which all moved through the stages of production in tandem. Through this effort, eight new projects were created that explore stories about local neighborhood, its community, history and rich culture.

2015 Projects include:

149 S. 4th Street (Zack Khalil, Mitra Azar, Chelsi Bullard)

149 S. 4th St. re-enacts the 1968 tenant takeover of a building in Los Sures which sparked a grassroots community housing movement in NYC.

300 Nassau (Marina Lameiro, Michela Monte, Mariangela Ciccarello, Adam Golub, 9min)

Gentrification in New York City, as elsewhere, frequently conceals criminal practices that have been widely tolerated for years. The story of 300 Nassau is one example.

I Was Here First (Adam GolubKatherin Machalek, Chelsi Bullard, Michela Monte, 23min)

A story about DIY art spaces migrating from neighborhood to neighborhood within New York City, in the face of the rising cost of living.

My Little Napoli (Mariangela CiccarelloIrene Bartolomé and Sophie Hamacher, 16min)

An unlikely encounter in New York City with a family of Southern Italian immigrants returns the filmmaker to her origins, to unresolved questions about her identity.

Night Bus (Sophie HamacherSarah Stein Kerr and Tessa Rex, 13min)

A film about the movements and mindscapes of workers in America’s 24 hour economy as they travel through the night by bus.

Overall Strategy (Marina Lameiro, Michela Monte, Mariangela Ciccarello, Adam Golub, 20min)

Brooklyn is one of the least affordable places to live in the country. You either get out or you fight. For older residents of Los Sures, staying in their own houses has become an act of resistance.

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog (Sarah Stein Kerr, Marina Lameiro, Katherin Machalek, 6min)

An alphabetical portrait of the south side of Williamsburg through its non-human residents.

The Williamsburg Houses (Tessa Rex and Irene Bartelomé, 13min)

In this film we discover the life of The Williamsburg Houses, the most expensive model of public housing ever constructed in the United States and home to 3000 low-income tenants at a time since 1935. The architecture of The Williamsburg Houses comes to life through the voices of its occupants and its hidden history. In this timeless mise-en-scène we become immersed in a community often dismissed.


Join us after the screening for an afterparty at UnionDocs, 322 Union Ave, Brooklyn NY. Complimentary beer (while supplies last!) provided by Brooklyn Brewery


In the late seventies and early eighties, the Southside of Williamsburg was one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York City. Los Sures, a documentary from 1984 by Diego Echeverria, skillfully represents the challenges of this time; drugs, gang violence, crime, abandoned real estate, racial tension, single parent homes, and inadequate local resources. Echeverria’s portrait also celebrates the vitality of the largely Puerto Rican community, showing the strength of their culture, their creativity and determination to overcome a desperate situation. Living Los Sures is a multi-year production that partners with Echeverria to revisit his powerful film, make it accessible online for the first time, create a collection of companion documentary projects that update, annotate, challenge, and spiral off from the original, and activate the community to share stories around remarkable local histories and important civic issues.


Jun 6, 2015
8:30 pm – 11:00 pm

UnionDocs is grateful for support from:

Collaborative Studio

Based in one of NYC’s most exciting neighborhoods, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, CoLAB offers a platform for exploring contemporary approaches to the documentary arts and a process for developing an innovative collaborative project.

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