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May 15, 2010 at 8:30 pm

Thirty-Four Short Films About Nine Things: Personal Documentaries from the New School

With Caveh Zahedi

Independent filmmaker Caveh Zahedi, best known for his autobiographical films (I Am A Sex Addict, Tripping With Caveh, In the Bathtub of the World), also teaches a personal documentary class at the New School in which students are asked to make a film every week on a given topic. “The Personal Documentary” showcases the work of his students.  All of the films are approximately 3 minutes long, and all of them were made in 2010.

  • Self-Portraits – Nina Bowers, Stephanie Wowk
  • Films About Something Embarrassing – John Pack, Vanessa Rose, Stephanie Wowk
  • Films About a Family Member – Terese Classen, Anna Robilotta, Zuzu Snyder
  • Films About Your Love Life – Nina Bowers, Terese Classen, Amaya Keller, Kamala Randjelovic, Vanessa Rose
  • Films About Your Job and/or Finances: Nancy Moore, Anne Sullivan, Pablo Zequiera
  • Films About Where You Grew Up: Nina Bowers, Terese Classen, Amaya Keller, Nancy Moore, Anna Robilotta, Anne Sullivan
  • Films About Something You Love: Nancy Moore, Kamala Randjelovic, Zuzu Snyder, Stephanie Wowk, Pablo Zequiera
  • Films About Something You Hate: Pablo Zequiera
  • Films About A Challenge in Your Life: Amaya Keller, Kamala Randjelovic, Anna Robilotta, John Pack, Vanessa Rose, Zuzu Snyder, Anne Sullivan

Estimated Program Run-Time: 90 minutes


May 15, 2010
8:30 pm – 10:30 pm

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