Experimental Television Center Grant

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UnionDocs is happy to announce that we have received a development grant from the Experimental Television Center!

The grant is from the Experimental Television Center’s Media Technical Assistance Fund, and will support UnionDocs’ ability to strenthen our organizational capacity. In other words, we got a grant to take classes on…how to get more grants!

UD resident Sarah Lawson and Operations Assistant Amber Cortes will be taking Grantseeker Training Courses at the buy cheap silagra online Foundation Center through June, learning the ins and outs of writing proposals and budgets, cultivating alliances with funders, and building relationships in the world of foundations. These seminars will enable UnionDocs to build a strong base of funders to ensure the future survival of the online Buy UnionDocs Residency and other programs, such as the Documentary Bodega series.

As the saying goes, teach a man to fish…

Purchase More about the Experimental Television Center:

The Experimental Television Center was founded in 1971, an outgrowth of a media access program established by Ralph Hocking at Binghamton University in 1969;. Today, the Center continues to provide support and services to the media arts community. Part of their mission is to support the creation of work using new electronic media technologies, and to encourage an informed appreciation of media art by supporting the exhibition of film and electronic works by artists and by arts and cultural organizations in the New York state. They offer grants to media arts organizations, residencies for artists, and a video history project. Pills

Check out their website here.