Former CoLAB participant Tamer Hassan’s film at Art of the Real Festival

Congratulations to our former CoLAB participant Tamer Hassan for his film Accession being showcased in the Art of the Real Festival at the Film Society of Lincoln Centre.

Shooting for more than five years in 13 locations around the U.S., Tamer Hassan and Armand Yervant Tufenkian trace a collection of letters to the homes where each was sent or received in this uniquely process-based documentary. The letters, written to accompany seed packets sent between friends and families and dated as far back as 1806, are read aloud by individual narrators, unfolding as personal-poetic reflections on life and labor in rural America. Via a variety of 16mm film stocks,  Accession maps a visual and aural correspondence between anonymous people and places with an exploratory flair.

The North American premiere of Accession will take place on April 22nd at 6:30 pm at the festival. You can get tickets for Tamer’s film here!