“From New York With Love” at 9th Indie Lisboa

online Andre Valentim Almeida , UnionDocs’ Collaborative Program Director is heading to IndieLisboa to premiere his awesome essay feature doc, FROM NEW YORK WITH LOVE shot and edited largely during his time at UnionDocs. Andre describes his film as “an essay on a foreigner’s evolving relation with his host country”.

Andre’s poem letter has no specific addressee, other than himself, in an attempt to organize his anguish, sorrow and anxiety. It servers as a record of the traveler whose film features the emotional process with meta-language that is intertwined in intimate ways – revealed sometimes shy, sometimes disconcerting. In essence, a film about love in which time is the main character.

The film is part of the National Competition for Emerging Cinema of the 9th edition of IndieLisboa – Independent Film Festival. The main aim of the Festival is to discover new films and new directors, keeping its attention on the author’s creativity and independence. “From New York With Love” plays on May 1st and 3rd in Lisboa.

For more information and the full schedule click here.
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