Hair, Names, Heels

After meeting a few times for the collaborative project and brainstorming about modern myths that have a hold on us, these are three topics that Hyatt and I have come up with:


Pills Hair ballDelilah cuts off Samson’s hair in his sleep.  When he awakens, he has lost his physical strength.  Rapunzel’s hair is a stepladder for the prince to reach her.  It is her ticket to love and freedom from her prison in the tower.  The WB show “Felicity” saw its ratings plummet when its star actress trimmed her curls.  The WB changed their policy so that no performer could change their hair without permission from the studio.  We will take a magnifying glass up to hair and tease at the roots, the grays, the split ends.  Our hope is to examine the narratives of hair, its cultural caché, and the myths surrounding it.
This piece will feature montages of found and original footage of hair and hair commercials.  A voice-over will read an essay that weaves together the biology of hair, narratives where hair plays a key role, and other stories.

online The Naming of Ourselves

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Young Marilyn Monroe

Our names are at once everything and nothing.  They are arbitrary.  They reveal nothing of who we are.  And then they are how we identify ourselves.  Our brain waves pick up when we hear our names.  They link us and differentiate us.  People seem to grow into their names.  Elizabeth seems like an Elizabeth.  What is it then to purposefully change your name?  Does it alter your identity?  Does it reveal that you have something to hide.

This narrative will follow the stories of Hyatt Michaels, formerly Michael Hyatt, Shawn Wen, alternately Wendy, and Marilyn Monroe, formerly Norma Jeane Baker.   It will feature found footage, old photographs, and interviews with Shawn and Hyatt’s friends.

High Heels

an instrument for your feet
an instrument for your feet

You hear them before you see them. The sharp clicks are unmistakeable.  When you catch a glimpse of the sleek shoes making music on the floor, the heels are hard to ignore. These shoes are made to draw your attention.  Lost in the illusion, we all feast on the aesthetic perfection the shoes create, but ignore the expensive price the wearers pay.
Though high heels have always projected a picture of glamour and beauty, they also work as a form of punishment for women. Through we will create an audio slideshow featuring images of shoes and interviews with their owners.  We hope to delve into the myth of heels and discuss them as a modern form of foot binding