hall of mirrors

when you look at the day how many screens can you count? we emerge from the hall of mirrors that was the full frame festival and it seems all that can be known right now is projection.

it also seems that we were overwhelmed.

overwhelmed by the number of stories (how to ever remember them all, to let each land), by the variety of styles and approaches, by the talent and intelligence of these filmmakers, by the camaraderie we witness as well as the competition, by conversations drunk with admiration or cut with jealousy that we hear and take part in, by the parties and the laughter(both forced and free), by the constantly flexing and flexible nature of opinion forming and positioning defending, by an endless spin cycle of subjects and subjectivity.

and being overwhelmed seems like a perfectly reasonable and even somewhat wonderful place to be… for now. the counterpart to projections is reflection, I suppose, and more of that will certainly come after everyone get’s some sleep. Buy Purchase Order Cheap http://www.elreactor.com/purchase-duphalac-laxative/ online online