Kickstarter Campaigns to Watch Now!

 Some of our friends, former collaborators, and just people we love and admire have a few projects in the works that could use some help. Check out these six kickstarter campaigns that should garner a closer look.

Former Collaborative member Katia Maguire what is the cost of dostinex is in the process of co-directing and producing her first feature length documentary, Jessica Gonzalez Vs. The United States of America is the story of a domestic violence survivor’s groundbreaking quest to strengthen the legal rights of millions of women and children in the U.S. In 1999, Jessica Gonzales’ three daughters were killed when police refused to enforce a restraining order against her estranged husband, who had abducted them earlier that night. Devastated, yet determined to prevent this tragedy from happening to other families suffering domestic violence, Jessica filed a lawsuit against the police for not enforcing the restraining order and pursued it to the Supreme Court and an international human rights tribunal, becoming an outspoken and effective advocate for human rights along the way.

Girl Model, which we loved hosting in our space during the Northside Film Festival, is cropping up in theaters all over the country but could use some help promoting its cause. The documentary shows the perils in the modeling industry for youth. Order Girl Model follows two protagonists involved in this industry: Ashley, a deeply ambivalent model scout who scours the Siberian countryside looking for fresh faces to send to the Japanese market, and one of her discoveries, Nadya, a 13-year-old plucked from her rustic home in Russia and dropped into the center of bustling Tokyo with promises of a profitable career. Girl Model is a lyrical exploration of a world defined by glass surfaces and camera lenses, reflecting back differing versions of reality to the young women caught in their scope.

Co-directed and produced by our friends, Nora Mandray & Hélène Bienvenu, An interactive documentary that traces three interwoven stories about the future of shared resources and community-building in our post-industrial era, Detroit Je’taime, looks at three different examples of Detroit’s transformation from rundown motor city to DIY city. Fender Bender, a female and LGBT bike shop, empowers its members through bike mechanics, An urban farmer fighting for racial justice in Detroit’s food system, questioning white supremacy in a city that’s +80% Black, an entire neighborhood is threatened to disappear under the nearby factory’ expansion, creating their own media to make the world more aware of their dangerous situation. Detroit Je’taime showcases the stories behind the inspiring DIY culture that pervades this post-industrial yet lovable wasteland. SNAKEMONKEY FLY’S EYE 3-D PORTRAITS AND ANIMATION
Our friend M. Henry Jones who we screened with @ Anthology, has a new project in the works. SnakeMonkey Studio’s is working to complete a series of large format three-dimensional portraits and animations using our newly developed Fly’s Eye 3-D technique. This method allows the viewer to see depth in the images without 3-D glasses. The dimensional photographs produced using the Fly’s Eye 3-D process create a new form of visual expression. These portraits and animations incorporate elements of spatial depth, motion, dimension, and interactivity between viewer and art.


Former UnionDocs Intern, Nick Capezzera, has a new project in the works that is taking a closer look at where US rejected pesticides go after they have been banned from use. Imagine discovering a product that you’ve been using is causing serious damage to your health and the environment.  But instead of safely disposing of that toxic product, you decide to go next door and sell it to your neighbor.  Hard to imagine, right?  This scenario isn’t entirely unimaginable.  In the United States, once a pesticide is pulled off the market because it is shown have dangerous effects on peoples’ health and the environment, we allow corporations to continue manufacturing and exporting that pesticide to other countries–even just a few feet across our borders.

how much valtrex for genital herpes outbreak Order FOLLOW THE LEADER
Jonathan Goodman Levitt is in the process of finishing up his political coming-of-age documentary that features an interactive trans-media component Reality Interactive. This documentary features Ben, D.J. & Nick, at 16, all class presidents and  all conservatives who plan to continue leading their peers as President someday. Over three life-changing years, they split into Republican, Democratic & Independent camps as they reconsider their lofty ambitions…as each discovers what he truly believes, who he truly wants to be as an adult. Reality Check Interactive  is a unique cross-platform social change initiative that combines interactive voting technology and the new character-based documentary Follow the Leader to spark a national conversation about American political realities, the millennial generation, and leadership generally