Los Sures & Man with a Movie Camera

Los Sures, “A Neighborhood of Struggle”
Cheap online Buy Buy This film was extremely intimate. The film maker’s voice is seems absent, lets us feel like we are in a one on one conversation with every subject. After watching it I left like I had just met a new friend. A Latin Prince trapped in an American Ghetto. His youthful eyes filled with wonder and promise, but he’s unable to recognize his own potential. Poverty is a prison worse than any jail and few find their way out.  I hope he was one of them.

Man with a Movie Camera

http://ooh-la-wee.com/?p=25928 http://ligaauto.ru/cheap-diakof-prospect/ The simple premise of the film “Man with a Movie Camera” is summarized by this image. The all seeing eye of the camera overlooking the busy city captures the every move of its citizens. The camera man appears god like overseeing our actions but not interfering.  Though abstract with little to no plot structure, the images in the film are filled with dozens of narratives observed in daily life. Watching this film reminded me of the beauty and intrigue found in the mundane. http://brandoutlet.boutique/order-doxazosin/