Los Sures + Man with a Movie Camera


There is so much to say about both of these films, but to start, I wanted to talk about this image of birds perched above the city caught flying off above it that occurs in the beginning of both films (Los Sures – the opening shot, Man with a Movie camera- 9 minutes in, among the opening external shots of the city).  This made me think of, 1) the ‘database’ of images from which we draw, 2) other films such as Wings of Desire and that godlike view above the city, 3) perspective, point of view, man/nature/distance, 4) From ‘Walking the City’ – how “elevation .. transforms the bewitching world into a text.  allows one to read it. a solar eye, looking down like god.”

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Wish I could be there today to discuss this and much more with you all!