Meerkat Media Collective Call for Residents 2016 — Deadline: May 9th, 2016


Meerkat Media Collective is looking for artists with projects to join the Meerkat community for a one year residency from June 2016 – 2017.

Meerkat Media Collective is an artistic community committed to sharing resources and skills to incubate individual and shared creative work. The work and resources of the collective are primarily focused on video production, but the residency program is open to offering membership to artists working in other media as well. Above all, Meerkat Media Collective is committed to a collaborative process that values diverse experience and expertise.

Residency is the most active way to be involved in the Meerkat Media Collective. Residents are a dedicated group of Meerkats that are actively working on projects (individually or collaboratively) and are supported by the collective resources, based in Meerkat Media Collective’s space in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Residents provide mutual aid for one another’s projects and artistic development, receive a monetary stipend determined through an annual budgeting process (this year’s stipend is $1000, distributed in two $500 chunks across the year), have access to production and post-production equipment, and attend an annual creative retreat.

This is a self-directed residency program in which the residents also bear primary responsibility for decision-making and the work of operating the collective. Residents participate in a group facilitation training, are part of at least two working groups which each meet monthly, and also attend four meetings a year (quarterly) with the full group. A residency is the first step of membership for anyone coming into the Meerkat Media Collective—general membership, with more limited commitments and benefits, is available to all previous residents.

Order Buy This residency will begin in June 2016 and run through June 2017. Meerkat Media Collective asks that applicants apply with a project or projects they are currently working on, at whatever stage, and would like to continue. This year, along with a desire to support projects and artists we believe in and can imagine collaborating with, the program is prioritizing greater racial, gender, class and cultural diversity among our membership.

Applications are due by 12pm on Monday, May 9th. Pills Order Cheap online

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