Registration now open for Mono No Aware Spring/Summer Workshops

Mono No Aware is hard at work in 2017 to open the nation’s first nonprofit motion picture lab right here in Brooklyn to better serve our community. All the while, they’ll be holding screenings and workshops, including a brand new *Super 16mm Workflows* and *Introduction to 35mm Filmmaking* classes this summer. Registration is open now for Spring and Summer workshops. Registration for workshops starts at $85.

April Workshop:
*FREE* BYO-B&W Mixer and Non-Toxic Processing Workshop on Sunday April 23rd, 6-10pm.

May Workshops:
 Super 16mm Workflow: Camera Neg to Positive Print May 6th through June 24th
Super-8mm Filmmaking on Mondays, 7-9:15pm
Intro to 16mm on B/W Reversal on Wednesdays, 7-9:15pm
Color Photograms on 16mm Film Order  on Sunday May 28 th 10am-4pm

May Field Trip Workshops:
Beachside Cinema Retreat from Friday May 12th Buy Purchase  through Sunday May 14th in Shelter Island, NY
16mm Color Adventure Hike Upstate on May 21st 9am-7pm

June Workshops:
Intro to 35mm Filmmaking on Friday June 30th through Sunday July 2nd
Intro to 16mm on B/W Reversal on Thursdays, 7-9:15pm
Intro to 16mm on Color Negative on Wednesdays, 7-9:15pm
Cheap 2-D Animation: Cutout Technique on Tuesdays, Order 7-9:15pm
Hand Processing with B/W Reversal on Sunday June 24th 10am-4pm
Make Your Own Film Stock: Emulsion 101 on Sunday June 4th and 11th from 10am-4pm