Now Accepting Applications for 2020 Winter/Spring Interns!

Deadline to apply – December 14th

UnionDocs Winter/Spring Internship

UnionDocs is seeking three interns with a variety of strengths and interests from January 8th–June 10th. This volunteer position presents the opportunity to explore the operations of a small non-profit arts space and community.

Ideal candidates study or work in film production or theory, with a vested interest in nonfiction media, programming, events, production, and storytelling. As a small nonprofit with DIY roots, interns work across a wide variety of roles just like the core staff. Interns also receive a free pass to all UnionDocs events!

Responsibilities Include:

– Telling the story of our public weekend events through video, audio, photography and text, including an active role in media management for UnionDocs’ forthcoming podcast (an interest in audio is a plus!)
– Participating in event planning, setup, management and reporting
– Managing updates to, including publishing event listings, managing box-office sales, and writing updates to support our web presence
– Marketing support including writing, research and graphic design to promote events, workshops and professional development programs
– Outreach via social media and within the community
– Administrative duties as needed

Time Commitment:

– 1-2 days per week (11am-6pm) + 1 evening screening per week


– Strong writing and verbal communication skills
– Excellent computer skills (experience with WordPress, HTML and Adobe Creative Suite preferred)
– Good knowledge of documentary arts
– Photography, video and editing experience preferred
– Ability to work independently

Most importantly, we are seeking candidates who are interested in the world of non-profit art institutions and documentary art, who are excited by a hands-on and diverse working environment, willing to take on a variety of tasks with equal enthusiasm and diligence. Women, people of color, and LGBTQIA identified people are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please submit your resume and cover letter through the form below. Submissions close December 14th at 6PM.