Occupied Political Imaginaries — A screening with Oliver Ressler 4/24 at 16Beaver

What: Screening and Discussion with Oliver Ressler
When: Wednesday April 24th 7:00pm
Where: 16 Beaver Street, 4th Floor, Manhattan
Who: Free and open to all

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Over the course of the last years, we have been exploring the different conjunctions and overlaps between the political struggles unfolding in different contexts from New York to Japan.

And a part of these struggles has been waged at the level of imaginaries, both the imaginaries of the groups involved actively in these fields of struggle, as well as those taking a less active role. How have the dominant forms and channels of media representation determined the experience of struggles like Occupy Wall Street? And how have those sympathetic to or active in these struggles responded in their own efforts to construct alternatives? To what degree has the limitation of these struggles also been a reflection of the limitations of political imaginaries? And to what degree have those limitations played out in their respective representations?

This Wednesday, we organize a screening and discussion of a video by Oliver Ressler, which is one effort at an alternative approach to these questions. Working with different individuals involved in struggles in Athens, Madrid, and New York, this video is an attempt to share a process of political story-telling with a few participants through dialogical processes. It also takes the strategy of building the inter-relations we have been exploring in discussions at the space onto the screen – putting
into dialogue the linkages and potential differences between three of the sites of struggle: Athens, Madrid, and New York. Buy Pills