Oral History Summer School Workshops in May and June

Oral History Summer School is offering two new summer workshops in upstate New York. OHSS is a cross-disciplinary program in Hudson, New York that offers training in oral history methodologies and documentary approaches. They host foundational workshops as well as advanced training on focused topics such as memory loss, mixed ability interviewing, song collection, family history, and trauma narratives/testimony.

The first workshop this summer, hosted from May 15 to May 24, is Experimental Ethnographies: Oral History, Remixed. With a rigorous foundation in oral history theory and practice, this workshop will expand your oral history focus to include ambient sound recording and song collection as related practices.

The second workshop, hosted from June 18 to June 29, is for oral historians, artists, advocates, researchers, and others who wish to make of use of oral history in their practices. Oral History Intensive + Oral History & Care is a great opportunity to jump-start a project in a supportive environment, and learn more about the field of Oral History.

Workshop days are divided between presentations, interactive exercises, hands-on recording tutorials, lectures, interviews, field recording, discussions, audio editing sessions, production lab days and visits from guest instructors. Participants are encouraged to work on production lab days in a range of traditions. No experience is necessary to apply.

Additional workshop details and application forms can be found, here