Jesse Shapins

Jesse Shapins

Founding Partner / Collaborative Program Advisor

Jesse Shapins is a media theorist, digital humanist, documentary artist, and social entrepreneur whose work has been featured in The New York Times, Metropolis, PRAXIS and Wired, cited in books such as The Sentient City and Networked Locality, and been exhibited at MoMA, Deutsches Architektur Zentrum and the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, among other venues. Through a hybrid practice of interactive design, public intervention, architectural theory, and experimental pedagogy, his work experiments in mapping the imagination and perception of place between physical, virtual and social space.

He is Co-Founder/Associate Director of metaLAB(at)Harvard and on the faculty of architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he co-teaches Media Archaeology of Place and The Mixed-Reality City.

He has been involved in UnionDocs from the beginning and is Co-Creator of Zeega, Mapping Main Street, Yellow Arrow, Periplurban, and The Colors Berlin, amongst other projects.