Joshua Gen Solondz

Joshua Gen Solondz

Event Manager

Joshua Gen Solondz is a media artist/filmmaker/musician. His work has shown in programs at DCTV,
Light Industry, Artists’ Television Access, .HBC Berlin, Harvard Film Archive, UnionDocs, and Parsons
Hall Project Space. Josh’s work was also featured in the 2011 Images Festival in Toronto as well as the
2010 Documentary Fortnight at MOMA.
Partnering with Emma Brenner Malin, Josh programmed and introduced the child exploitation film
“Child Bride of the Ozarks” at Light Industry in February 2010.
Josh recently completed an artists’ residency with his friend and collaborator Jim Supanick at the
Experimental Television Center in Owego, NY for their ongoing “Synthhumpers” project.
Josh graduated from Bard College in 2008, lives in Brooklyn, and loves cats.