Mark Brecke

Mark Brecke

Mark Brecke is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer, who
documents stories of people victimized by war, ethnic conflict, and
genocide. Since 1995, he has covered the most troubled regions of the
world. Brecke’s work has been widely featured internationally including
micro-cinemas, Toronto International Film Festival, Sao Paulo Film
Festival, Jewish Museum, Berlin, Hammer Museum, Institute of
Contemporary Art in Boston. Collections that showcase Brecke’s
photographs include the United States Memorial Holocaust Museum in
Washington D.C. and the Museo de Memoria y Tolerancia in Mexico City.
Emerging from the experimental film community in San Francisco, Brecke
studied cinema with Phillip Greene (apprentice of Ansel Adams and
assistant to Dorothea Lange), and continued his studies at UC Berkeley
with found-footage, underground filmmaker, Craig Baldwin.
Brecke was based in Kenya for two years developing a new film in
Somalia. His MFA work at the California College of the Arts, emphasized
personal essay documentaries.