Oresti Tsonopoulos

Oresti Tsonopoulos

Oresti Tsonopoulos is an award-winning multimedia producer based in Brooklyn, NY. He received a BFA at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in 2010, where he conceived the travel-documentary web-series, “Music World.” Following the initial success of the series, which documented the rebirth of tango by a younger generation of musicians in Buenos Aires, Oresti raised funding via Kickstarter and brought the series to Athens to focus on the rebetiko music tradition. Future topics for the series will include folk buskers in New Orleans, fado in Lisbon, and calypso in Port of Spain.

In New York, Oresti brings his intimate aesthetic to NBC, where he creates timely video pieces featuring artists and musicians performing in the city. These pieces are featured on, Taxi TV, NBC’s Nonstop NY channel, and NBC channel 4. Additionally, Oresti collaborates with a variety of institutions, including Columbia University and NYU, to bring captivating video content to their websites. The Whitney Museum has commissioned Oresti to create video content highlighting the future home of the museum in the Meatpacking District.

Oresti’s technical savvy in the recorded arts has allowed him to fuse audio and film seamlessly to create a second web-series entitled “Pocket Show.” This series focuses on the raw musical abilities of up-and-coming musicians. Heavily influenced by Vincent Moon’s “Take Away Shows,” Oresti keeps his audience focused on individual parts of a performance, be it a vocalist’s lips or a pianist’s fingers, all edited with an artistic eye and fresh perspective.

When Oresti isn’t working with video, he’s involved in music engineering, production, mixing and mastering. He’s also a classically-trained pianist who performs with a variety of pop and rock bands and is currently scheming to unveil a solo piano project in the fall of 2011.