"Uniondocs brings auteurs together."

The Brooklyn Rail

"An esoteric, experimental, community-focused space—and it’s working to keep Williamsburg that way, as well."

Brooklyn Magazine

"UnionDocs has shown itself to be deeply engaged with the history and culture of its neighborhood, uplifting otherwise marginalized stories and showing the rest of the city what it really means to be a “good neighbor."


“Williamsburg’s own pocket-size dynamo.”

The Village Voice

“Be sure to keep an eye out for that and all the other incredible work UnionDocs has to share.”

Brooklyn Spaces

“UnionDocs had the dedication to dive in and research what happened, and to give a voice to people who would normally not be heard. ”

Urban Omnibus

“It is also a reflection of the way organisations like UnionDocs work. The collaborative nature and willingness to experiment means they are comfortable with an iterative design process, are willing to embrace a multi-faceted project and are able to take a considered approach to community participation.”


"One of the city's side pockets of cultural enterprise."

Wall Street Journal

“Seeing a movie at Spectacle or at the nonfiction-focused UnionDocs has felt, in the best way, like crowding into someone’s living room to watch something together.“

The Criterion Collection

“Devoted to community-building with programs that are innovative, challenging and diverse… run-on shoestring budgets by brilliant people who don’t do enough to toot their own horn because they’re too busy serving others.”

Huff Post

“The great people at UnionDocs have been working on not just a restoration of the film but also updates, supplementary features, interactive material, related short films and more for a bigger project called Living Los Sures.”

Film School Rejects

“It serves as a socially engaged media center, sponsoring more than 100 screenings and events each year and producing numerous projects, including running a year-long collaborative program that trains aspiring new-media documentarians while letting them work meaningfully on real projects.”

Filmmaker Magazine

“The Brooklyn, NY based center has developed a strong reputation among film industry press and decision-makers through its slate of programming and productions, at the core of which are two collaborative labs: The Collaborative Studio and the Summer Documentary Intensive.”

No Film School

“One of the greatest support mechanisms for documentary.”

Bring Your Own Doc Series

“A compelling entry into the film collective’s ever-growing series of films that chronicle certain pockets of Brooklyn in intimate and educational ways.”

Indie Wire

"[UnionDocs is] at a pretty unique intersection of the arts and making documentaries and trying to be in the community and of the community."

BRIC Media Live

“UnionDocs is an exceptionally professional and well-run organization that provides a much-needed platform for film and photography documentarians to present and discuss their work in a public setting.”

Fordham News

"Because the people at UnionDocs are lovely and friendly, I always felt a revivifying sense that the process of play—of filmmaking—was being received and responded to."

Wayne Koestenbaum interview, Filmmaker Magazine

"Last Stop for Lost Property, goes deep into the world of lost items in New York City's transit system."

Gothamist on Collaborative Project, Last Stop for Lost Property

"A work of both healing and resistance."

Broadway World on Collaborative Production, Have No Fear

"Tackles the sensitive often-polarizing issue of police brutality and its impact on American communities and families."

Immigrant Magazine on Collaborative Production, Have No Fear

"5 Must-See Feminist Films From Women Directors at the Top of Their Games"

Indie Wire on Collaborative Production, Rosemary's Street

"Looking at the work of the filmmakers who participated in the UnionDocs workshop, it's clear that documentary's grounding as "real" and indexical allows for a wide range of stylistic experimentation."

Documentary.org on UnionDocs workshops

“The hour-long documentary, against all odds, has become the talk of the town. That’s thanks to UnionDocs"

Vogue on Los Sures

“It’s a must see for those interested in both the history of Lost New York and the power of nonfiction cinema.”

New York Times on Los Sures

“Takes community engagement to a whole new level and captures the depth of this culturally rich Latino neighborhood.”

Submarine Channel on Living Los Sures

“It’s enough to make fans of the Up series salivate.”

Brooklyn Magazine on Living Los Sures

“This small, tight-knit, South Williamsburg community is on its way to becoming one of the best documented and recognized in the city.”

Voice of NY on Living Los Sures

“A massive mixed-media project that defies easy categorization”

Indie Wire on Living Los Sures

“It is a story of the people, by the people, and most importantly, made for the people of this city.”

Picture Motion on Living Los Sures

“Living Los Sures is about how collected memories form a community’s history.”

The Creator's Project on Living Los Sures

"NYPL’s Best of the Web: New York City History List"

New York Public Library on Living Los Sures

“Connects with the present and aims to change the future through education on gentrification, social justice and urban race relations.”

Collectively on Living Los Sures

"Along with the illuminating, visceral Los Sures (The Southside, 1984, Diego Echeverria, originally produced with support from the NEA, updated and revived by the brilliant folks at UnionDocs in Williamsburg this past year)"

Hammer to Nail on Living Los Sures

"South Williamsburg's deep-rooted Puerto Rican and Hasidic heritage, the iconic Domino Sugar factory and the area's historic tenement architecture will take center stage at MoMA PS1 this week as part of the museum's Greater New York exhibit."

DNA Info on Collaborative Short Documentaries

“An extremely ambitious and interesting project”

Film Pulse on Living Los Sures

“Los Sures is both an invaluable record of pre-gentrification Brooklyn and an ode to a community’s resilience.”

BAMcinematék on Los Sures

NYTimes Critics' Pick "An out-and-out thrill... as catching as the chickenpox, and if the piece is forthrightly funny and briefly pornographic, it is also sneakily moving."

New York Times on Say Something Bunny!

"The Best New Theater Experience in Town Is Nowhere Close to Broadway."

Vogue on Say Something Bunny!

"Top Ten Theater Productions of 2017"

TimeOut New York on Say Something Bunny!

“Gently humorous, enchantingly quirky … a strangely entrancing new work."

New York Times on Say Something Bunny!

"This beautifully produced one-woman show, a delicate and kindly object itself"

New York Magazine on Say Something Bunny!

"Best of Performance in 2018"

BOMB Magazine on Say Something Bunny!

"The spectacular production that explores how theatre incorporates and interacts with found materials and real-life characters."

Working in Theatre Episode on Say Something Bunny!

"New York’s Hottest Indie Theater Show"

Tablet on Say Something Bunny!

"The spectacular production that explores how theatre incorporates and interacts with found materials and real-life characters."

Working in Theatre Episode on Say Something Bunny!

“★★★★ Say Something Bunny! is light, sweet, funny and dear... has a way of moving you, even days later."

Time Out NY on Say Something Bunny!

"World Records brings together the voices of scholars, critics, makers, and curators who offer new and complex perspectives on documentary to challenge and extend its margins."

Criterion Collection on World Records Journal