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“To touch stone is to encounter alien duration,” says Stratman. To be stoned is to abdicate from consensual reality. Geology forces us to wrench ourselves away from the myopia of presentism, and to become time travelers…who fall to Earth. It makes disciplines such as history and geography seem coltish and jejune; the humanities are left looking fresh-faced, presumptuous.

—Sukhdev Sandhu

Author Sukhdev Sandhu and filmmaker Deborah Stratman explore critical debates around the Anthropocene, monumentality, and the politics of audibility by turning to geology as an experimental pedagogy and an archive. Drawing on speculative fiction and forensic non-fiction, contributors extend Stratman’s long standing engagement with the politics of landscape and, collectively, ask, How can we begin to formulate a progressive politics—or even a vision of the future—by listening to the Earth?

Table of Contents

Lithic Leaps
Sukhdev Sandhu

Stratman’s Sonic Subscapes
Leo Goldsmith

Rocks Speak – Are You Listening?
Kristen Gallerneaux

Rock the World
Roundtable with Ben Rivers, Sukhdev Sandhu, Aura Satz, Deborah Stratman, and The Otolith Group

A Thickness of Life
Helen Gordon and Hugh Raffles in Conversation 


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