Lost in the Night Comic


José Luis Medina’s second comic book set in Los Sures.

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Lost in the Night
by José Luis Medina.

Includes the comics:

Lost in the Night, 2016
El Pitirre, 2016.

10″ x 7.5″
94 pages
black and white with color cover and back

From the artist, José Luis Medina

My first comic book: I Walk in Darkness: A Trilogy was published in June, 2015. In that first comic book I introduced Joaquin Guerra, his brother Rico, the Man with no Name, Mara Rivera and Mona Santiago. Lost in the Night brings back those characters as we discover who is the man with no name. This series is dedicated to the Southside Political Action Committee (David Santiago, Jaime Estades, Saul Nieves, Evelyn Cruz, Carmen Calderon, Alfredo Perez, Bernardo Santiago, Aurea Cinton, Vergie Savage-Branch, Serafin Flores, Jorge Arroyo, Jose Candelario, Chris Lanier, Angel Lopez, Barbara Medina  and others I might have forgotten. Lost in the Night isn’t the only series in this book.

El Pitirre, a Puerto Rican hero in New York, is also featured. El Pitirre is my symbol for the Puerto Rican’s aged old struggle for independence and political, social & economic justice. El Pitirre is the anonymous faces of our people in struggle. El Pitirre is Juan/Juana del Pueblo or Everyman/woman.  El Pitirre is our David versus Goliath epic!

Another series: On the Corner deals with my hanging out days back in the 1970s in Los Sures community of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. On the Corner is dedicated to my brother Henry, Luis (Fajardo) Gonzalez, Morgan Baez, John & Robert Negron, Milton, Angel, Nancy, Chino, Waco, Tony, the other Tony, Savage, Cheo, Benjy (I can’t remember some of their last names), etc.

The Adventures of Abelito, is another series and based on my youngest son Abel Emiliano Medina as a young boy! I also introduce my newest heroine, The Fencer which is dedicated to Gaby Torres and her mother, Tania Nieves Miranda. Another series is The Terrific Trio! dedicated to my sons: Luis and Abel, and my daughter: Massiel. Scattered throughout the comic book are other cartoons which features my parents (Hilario and Edith) and my sisters Miriam and Aurora).

About José Luis Medina

José Luis Medina was born in Puerto Rico, he has lived in Los Sures most of his life. As an activist he painted political banners and flyers, wrote and produced layouts for Claridad (a pro-independence of Puerto Rico newspaper) and later, he and Jaime Estades directed a bilingual community newspaper, El Pitirre! At the age of 50, he reinvented himself as a cartoonist and has produced three comic books (Joaquín Guerra, The Man with No Name and I Walk Alone in Darkness). I Walk in Darkness: A Trilogy, is Medina’s first publication, released in June 2015.

Learn more about José Luis Medina and his work for the Living Los Sures Project. Stop by UnionDocs at 322 Union Avenue to see the 3 story mural that he drew for the facade of our building based on the life of local long standing Los Sures resident, Cuso Soto.

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