A project to preserve and share Bruce Baillie’s films and legacy

“In my filmmakers Pantheon, Bruce Baillie takes a shining place. His work I can see again and again, it grows on me.” – Jonas Mekas.

“A poetry in light… an alchemist… a tender anarchist. Bruce Baillie makes me see more colours in the world.” – Apichatpong Weerasethakul


A month ago at Art of the Real, Film Society of Lincoln Center’s showcase for “boundary-pushing nonfiction film”, curator Garbiñe Ortega presented a retrospective on Bruce Baillie. Now this program is touring around the world and to make it possible, the curator has launched the project online Pills Preserving Bruce Baillie’s films and legacy at Kickstarter.

This project also contemplates the publication of a book, the goal of this project is to share work that constitutes one of the most influential voices in avant-garde cinema. This touring retrospective and bilingual (Spanish/English) book will contribute to wider recognition of Bruce Baillie’s amazing films and expose new generations of filmmakers and film lovers in the US and abroad.

The touring retrospective will travel to Spain (CCCB, La Casa Encendida, Tabakalera), the UK (Tate Modern), Mexico City (Distrital Film Festival) and many cities in the US including Washington D.C., San Francisco/Oakland, Boston, Los Angeles and more this year and in 2017.

The bilingual book will be published by Interior XIII and Distrital Film Festival this summer. The contributors to the book are Steve Anker, Peter Hutton, Denah Johnston, Janis Crystal Lipzin, Scott MacDonald, Richard Peña, Andréa Picard, JP Sniadecki, Ben Rivers and Peter Tscherkassky. The book will also include letters from Baillie’s close friends and great filmmakers Chick Strand and Stan Brakhage. Garbiñe Ortega is the film curator for the series and the coeditor for the book along with Sandra Gómez.


online castro-street


Bruce Baillie http://www.bibliophilia-liest.de/?p=5357 is an experimental filmmaker, co-founder of Purchase Canyon Cinema and co-founder of the Buy San Francisco Cinematheque. His work, lyrical and keenly observational, evades genre and explores narratives in non-traditional forms- from short films to feature length explorations. His film Castro Street was selected for preservation in 1992 by the United States National Film Registry. His films have been influential to the experimental and avant-garde film world, and his role as founding member of both Canyon Cinema and the San Francisco Cinematheque speaks to his importance in creating space, support and distribution for filmmakers.

The goal with this project is to share Bruce Baillie’s work; to recognize his legacy as an artist, his outstanding work as a filmmaker, distributor and promoter of avant-garde filmmakers and as co-founder of Canyon Cinema.