The Commons Radio

A collaboratively created, layered audio narrative, The Commons Radio weaves together scholarly interviews, dramatic recreations, original music and everyday sounds. All hour-long shows are part of a broad approach to the subject of The Commons, a.k.a. the relationship of the one to the many.

Commons Radio was a series of experimental radio pieces produced collaboratively by the members

of UnionDocs, and scripted and edited by Johanna Linsley and Christopher Allen.


Commons Radio 1: Laurie Lyons and What is America?

Commons Radio 2: 16 Beaver Group

Commons Radio 3: Barbara Hammer

Commons Radio 4: Sexy Allison

Commons Radio 5: Dolores Hayden, Lawrence Lessig, Sudhir Venkatesh

Commons Radio 6: Mathematician James Burns

Commons Radio 7: Sociologist Mike Males

Commons Radio 8: Kyzysztof Wodiczko

Commons Radio 9: Romeo Castellucci