Brooklyn Gypsies Annual OYE! Avant-Garde Festival Features Of Memory and Los Sures this Saturday June 7.

OYE! Avant-Garde is an annual festival devoted to the development of new performances by artists from Bushwick and surrounding areasA UnionDocs Collaborative production, Of Memory and Los Sures by Andrew Parsons &  Laurie Sumiye  is featured Saturday, June 7, 8pm at The Bushwick Starr theater. Order online


Brooklyn Gypsies created OYE! as a platform to celebrate and share what is unique about Bushwick’s converging arts communities. Join us for a night of eclectic theater, dance & film, including a melodrama puppet opera of two electrons in the throes of Nitrogen Fixation and a man wandering the silk road. Performances followed by music, conversation, food and dancing.

Cheap OYE! Avant Garde Night features Actors, Dancers, and musicians, including Robert Greene, Fernando Ruiz, Sam Soghor, Union Docs, Claire Moodey, Mark Sitko, Samuel T. West, Daniel Broadhurst, DJ JoJo Soul, James Cronin, Jonah Rosenberg, Ian Gallagher,Taylor Donofrio, Jenna Purcell, Ace Salisbury & Ryan Campos
Produced by Brooklyn Gypsies, OYE! Avant Garde Night is curated by Modesto Flako Jimenez, Lighting & Tech by Jay Maury, Technical assistant Ren Humphrey, Production Assistant Sylvana Carmella Dole. 

Buy tickets to the festival ($15 in advance, $18 at the door).