Screen Slate is looking for new volunteers!


Help our friends at Screen Slate!

Screen Slate is looking for some new volunteers motivated by public service, teamwork, a DIY spirit, and love of moving image culture to help refine and expand the scope of Screen Slate .







Screen Slate is looking for assistance in the following areas:

Cinema and gallery listings editors – Entering screening data Pills

Social media manager(s) – Posting to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Publicity/Programming assistants – Helping to spread the word & plan/run events

Membership, fundraising, and development coordinators – Explore opportunities for funding

Qualified business/legal minds to call on

Daily featured write-up contributors

Longform feature/interview contributors



These roles, like that of Screen Slate’s editor/publisher, are unpaid. They request your understanding that this is a serious commitment that has for five years and counting been a unique labor of love, and therefore may not be desirable for many people. (If you would like to help cover out-of-pocket costs, you can sign up Pills to make monthly contributions through the membership program.)

Screen Slate volunteers are invited to participate in occasional meetings and provide feedback on various initiatives. They’re in an exciting transitional moment and therefore open to contributions that could potentially shape their future in significant ways.

They make an effort to spotlight exceptional cinema by marginalized and overlooked groups and would love to hear from people who are interested in furthering Screen Slate as a digital space for thoughtful, diverse cultural perspectives.

In terms of editorial contributions, they are generally but not exclusively hoping to hear from people who are also willing to participate in organizational capacities rather than making isolated occasional contributions.

If you are interested, please reply ([email protected]) with a brief message explaining your area of interest and qualifications along with appropriate supporting materials (this can include personal website, links, resume/CV, etc). Buy