UnionDocs leads panel at Chashama Film Fest

Pills Buy Shared Authority. New possibilities in documentary media.
Saturday, 3-4:00pm.
679 Third Avenue (at the corner of 43rd Street)

This panel will explore new collaborative models for non-fiction and present a collection of very interesting media experiments, including: http://simplybars.co.uk/?p=831 Yellow Arrow, a global public art project; Capitol of Punk, a documentary embedded  at 10 sites in Washington DC; online Stages, an award-winning doc directed by 12 people; and Mapping Main Street, a collaborative project documenting main streets across the US. Discussion will include artists from these projects, participants in the UnionDocs Collaborative Program, members of http://laithaus.net/?p=10044 Meerkat Media Arts Collective, and the founders of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective online . The goal is to provide a framework of practical approaches and provoke creativity in the way we approach documentary, while also opening a critical discussion about the goals of collaboration and its positive and negative attributes.

Panelists will include:

Andre Almeida
Christopher Allen
Jay Arthur Sterrenberg
Jesse Shapins
Kara Oehler
Landon Von Soest
Zara Serabian-Arthur Buy