‘Sites Do Things to People’ with Stanzi Vaubel at Hallwalls

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Sites Do Things to People Buy Purchase Pills is a multi-media performance of sensorial reciprocity between place and the people who are affected by it.

Acoustic cello and electronics will be improvised in real time as they blend and twist to create hybrid relationships in the in-between, while projections will inhabit a more time-based narrative. We watch as relationships to place grow and change. At first characters are people, but soon, sound itself is characterized, the acoustical body of the site in attentive response to those who have begun to listen. Featuring former UnionDocs Collaborative Fellow Stanzi Vaubel, Su Hyun Nam, John “Lazlo” Shotwell, Swannie Jim, Teri Rueb, Bruce Jackson, Joyce Hwang, and Craig Freudenthal.

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