Submissions for 2015 ShortDocs Challenge: ‘StudsRules’ Due April 14th



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As always, ShortDocs comes with a set of rules inspired by a creative partner. For 2015 that’s the Studs Terkel Radio Archive from the WFMT Radio Network.

Terkel’s work spanned an impressive variety of topics and figures – but his recordings have been largely inaccessible to the public. Until now! The good folks at WMFT are creating the first-ever comprehensive online collection of Terkel’s radio work. And they’ve selected a dozen favorite programs that you can use for inspiration – or even sample in your ShortDoc – here.

We hope you’ll be energized by Terkel’s interview style, spirit, and wild curiousity – and then head in any direction you see fit. Sound art, documentary, oral history, radio drama, hybrids, all are welcome – just as long as your piece follows the rules.

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 Rules Pills :


Your radio story must:

– be two to three minutes in length
– be titled with a question that begins with one of the five Ws (who, what, when, where or why)
– contain the question “And what happened then?”
– include a shout of silence or a cry of laughter

The deadline for submitting your ShortDoc is 11:59pm CT on Tue, April 14th.

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– Five winning ShortDocs will be featured at the 2015 Third Coast FilmlessFestival (TCFF), in fall 2015 in Chicago (dates tbd).

– Eight finalists will receive a free pass to the TCFF.

– Top submissions will be featured on Third Coast’s Re:sound and podcast, presented on PRX Remix, and at Third Coast listening events in Chicago and beyond.

– All participants receive a free one-year SoundCloud Pro account.

– All submissions are archived permanently on this site, and all producers are added to the Third Coast Producer Index.

Please note: Winners’ travel and accomadaiton to/for the TCFF are not covered this year.

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February 18-April 14: Submissions accepted
Late May: Finalists notified
June 2-18: Voting open for People’s ShortDoc Award
June 24: Winners announced!

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Questions about how/what to submit? Check out the  cardura xl cost FAQ and/or feel free to ask.