Quotes from The Cambridge Turn in Documentary Filmmaking


Scott McDonald at UnionDocs

Boston has always been a major producer of documentary film… Direct cinema, personal documentary, ethnographic films all these genres of documentary emerged there. And almost all the major players in modern documentary come out of that environment.”

“I decided to call it The Cambridge Turn partly to suggest that there is a change in the nature of what we think of as documentary film’s set of possibilities.”

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There’s a community of makers that doesn’t show up so much in the body of the films, but always shows up in the thank yous at the end of the films. The credits are acknowledging this whole community, and it’s sort of true no matter whether it’s a modern ethnographic film like this one or a modern personal documentary. They’re crediting all of the filmmakers in that particular community.”

“It just seems to me that documentary, which was a kind of lecture form, a kind of presentation of information up throughout the 50’s… In the decade of the 60’s and early 70’s just transforms as much in Boston–but especially in Cambridge as a result of the MIT film section and the Harvard Film Study Center –as anywhere else in the country.”

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Our terminology creates a distinction that doesn’t really hold a lot of water. You know what I mean? Personal documentary. That is a way of looking at a certain group of films. But what’s personal after all? As these forms produce more and more interesting work, the terms just fall apart and become kind of useless.”

People are still making personal documentaries, even after all the clichés about how “OK, personal documentary. Enough of that. Nobody’s life is that interesting.” We have people still making very interesting personal documentaries. It’s just a form that works. And people coming out of Cambridge are still doing it.”

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