UNDO Collaborative Production I WAS HERE FIRST world premiere at DOC NYC 2015

Pills I Was Here First - Still02

We’re excited to announce that UnionDocs Collaborative production I Was Here First will have it’s World Premiere at DOC NYC this November! The film was directed by Katherin Machalek and Adam Golub, and edited by Chelsi Bullard, all members of the UnionDocs Collaborative Studio from 2014 – 2015.

The film will screen on  Tuesday, November 17 at 5pm as part of the DOC NYC program Points of View, which also features the films:

online buying estrace online Cheap online The Clock of the Long Now (USA, 3 min., Jimmy Goldblum, Adam Weber)

The Typist (USA, 8 min., Kristine Stolakis)

German Shepherd (Sweden, 10 min., Nils Bergendal)

The 414s Pills  (USA, 12 min., Michael T. Vollmann)

Back (USA, 13 min., Jenna Belhumeur, Elena Boffetta)

and online The Surrender (USA, 24 min., Stephen Maing).

DOC NYC runs Nov 12 – 19 at venues across lower Manhattan.

Learn more about I Was Here First and purchase tickets at the DOC NYC site.