UnionDocs Collaborative Alum Accepted into Locarno Film Festival 2015












Congrats to 2015 UnionDocs Collaborative Studio alum Mariangela Ciccarello, whose film Pills http://www.augustine-collective.com/2018/02/02/cheap-indinavir-crystals/ online http://review4boards.com/2018/02/02/buy-aceon-generic/ Pills Lampedusa has recently been chosen as an official selection for Locarno Film Festival 2015. Ciccarello co-directed the work with Philip Cartelli, and this will be the films international premiere.


Combining high definition and Super 8 footage, Lampedusa is composed of interwoven narratives based on a series of real events. In late 1831, a volcanic island suddenly erupted from the sea a few kilometers off the southern coast of Sicily. An international dispute ensued, during which a number of European powers laid claim to this newfound “land.” The island receded below sea level six months later, leaving only a rocky ledge under the sea. A general reflection about human desires for possession and the possibility of a utopia, http://silaminifactory.com/order-rocaltrol-classification/ Lampedusa also brings the viewer into contact with the contemporary condition of the Mediterranean.


Be sure to keep watch for Ciccarello’s festival debut at Locarno,  August 5-15, 2015.